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Soft Starter Manufacturing Company in Kerala

Ms Sakthi Power Innovatives

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SOFT STARTER manufacturers- M/s Sakthi Power Innovatives an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company manufactures Soft starters as per IS 5553 Part-3 and IEC- 60076-6 for reducing motor starting current. Our Soft Starter is step less reduced voltage start which ensures a constant low starting current, incremental voltage and torque to the motor to get smooth start. As the motor speed increases, the controller impedance decreases due to counter emf feed back to achieve constant incremental voltage torque for motor. This achieves very soft and smooth starting of load to Crusher, Compressor, Pumps, Centrifugal fan etc.This helps in optimizing the power source of transformer or generator capacity. Optimized power system also gives savings in capital, cost savings and revenue expenditure due to higher efficiency.

We also provide “The customized solution as per clients technical requirements”.

Our company has always focused on perpetual improvement- implementing latest technology for the smooth functioning of its facility and providing extremely good customer service. Proven past record makes Sakthi Power Innovatives a leader in the field of Soft Starters.

The Company has acquired Goodwill in every corner of market for its sturdy construction, international quality and all-round performance. Our highly satisfied clients fulfil the purpose of our existence.

  • Products Manufactured: TRANSWAVES fcma SOFT STARTER, TRANSWAVES HFSR SOFT STARTER, Slipring Induction Motor Starter