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We are one of the leading manufactures of Cleaning chemicals, Concentrate, Laundry chemicals, Chaffing fuels, Water treatment/ Seafood chemicals in Kochi, Kerala.

 Petroleum and Chemical Products /  Ernakulam

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Metal treatment chemicals in Thrissur, Kerala.

 Petroleum and Chemical Products /  Thrissur

Travancore Titanium Products Ltd. was incorporated on 18th of December 1946, to produce pigment grade Titanium dioxide from ilmenite which is abundantly available as placer...

 Petroleum and Chemical Products /  Trivandrum

Aeka Biochemicals Pvt. Ltd. is the first fully women-owned biotech company in the state of Kerala, India. The start-up is based out of the capital...

 Petroleum and Chemical Products /  Trivandrum